facebook launches shortcut bar settings to allow users customize shortcuts bar

Facebook Launches Shortcut Bar Settings To Allow Users Customize Shortcuts Bar

Facebook is the most popular social media and social networking service in the world. It has 2.41 billion active users worldwide. Any change in the policy or introduction of new features announced by the company has direct implications on the experience of the users. The Menlo Park, California based social media giant has rolled out a Shortcut Bar Settings for its mobile application. The company said that the new change will allow users to controRead More


two children diagnosed with chickenpox at portland expo

Two children diagnosed with Chickenpox at Portland Expo

Two children from Portland Expo are diagnosed with chickenpox. Disease Control and Prevention Maine Center stated that no one else was immediately admitted to medical care for the virus treatment. But, there is still a possibility of additional cases of diagnosis. Maine CDC suggests families of the Read More

First Ebola Vaccine Gets A Green Signal For Approval

European Medical Agency has recommended the First Ebola vaccine for conditional marketing sanction to the European Commission. The drug is termed as rVSV-ZOBOV-GP vaccine. It has saved many lives affected by the Ebola virus. The world’s first Ebola vaccine has been developed by Merck & Co based Read More