Amazon Drops The Price For Google’s Pixel 3A


The most popular models of the Pixel 3 Flagship are the Pixel-3A XL and the Pixel-3A. They are so affordable and also have top-notch camera features. Moreover, they do not cost as much as the latest Pixel-4. It is, therefore, a win-win situation for all Pixel lovers. What is better is that Amazon has declared a whopping price fall of both the Pixel-3A XL and the Pixel-3A. They are now priced at the lowest ever cost of $299. Although prices of the budget models were already on a dropping trend, the customers at present cannot wait to grab the bumper offer.

During the last month, Amazon organized a sale, and the price of the Pixel-3A dropped to $349. At present, the amount has been reduced by $100 more, which brings it to an apparent $249, and it cannot get cheaper for sure! The news is not yet over because the more advanced Pixel-3A XL prices have also dropped down from $429 to $379.99, which is also a mega discount of almost $100. There is no relevant news from the organization’s behalf about the significant price drop decision. The best part is that the crow is already going crazy, and there is a terrific response from the buyers.

To get into more detail, the offer is only available for selected colors and not all. For the Pixel-3A, only the Black variant is available. Also, for the Pixel-3A XL models, the Purple shades and the Clear White are the only available variants under the discounted category. However, you can still grab your Black Pixel-3A XL from a dedicated store at a moderately discounted price of $399. The best part of it all is still left because Google is now keen to organize more such sales, and the next in line is a sale for Pixel-4. The price drop is planned at $200 along with the discounted prices of the older models too. Amazon is no doubt giving away the best deals this Winter.