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At, we believe that there is an art of writing news. It’s not like writing a story or a poem, where you have the choice of inclining towards an ideology and often hyper-positioning it. On the other hand, when it comes to writing news, you have to maintain a proper tone and flow in the process. Not just that, you have to maintain proper unbiased attitude throughout the writing. No matter how sensitive and personal the core topic can be, there should be no show of proper affiliations in the process. If you can cope with all the things we’ve said, you’re welcome to become a contributor at

While we accept contributors from all stages, there are some basic requirements to be fulfilled. For instance, you would have to comply with everything we mentioned above, including the style of writing and the clean selection of sources and others. In addition to this, if you are becoming a regular contributor, you would also have the opportunity to work with some of the veterans in the industry, not just in news writing. If you think you are ready for all these, make sure your articles comply with the simple instructions we’ve listed below.

  • accepts articles that are 100% unique. We do not accept or publish articles that have been published in other forms, including printed newspapers. Plagiarized or spun articles are not to be published in the site either.
  • Contributors of are expected to follow a simple language and writing style, which can be understood by customers. For making things universal, the US Version of English is to be followed, with all the grammatical correctness
  • We don’t accept posts that have serious grammatical and syntax errors in them. However, we may deal with simple errors.
  • All news articles should cite the proper source, without which publication may be suspended.