Dieters who set calorie limits for every meal are likely to consume lesser calories than permitted


Slimmers who set a calorie limit for each meal ended up eating less than allowed calorie intake. A study was conducted by Warwick Business School which asked participants to set a budget for calorie intake. The results of the study were published in the journal of consumer research indicated that slimmers who set a budget for calorie intake for every meal had an allowance of 1,528 calories. The second group of dieters who were asked to budget their daily calorie intake. Participants from this group focused on limiting their calorie intake for evening snacks and dinner. The group that limited overall calorie intake in a day budgeted for 2,011 calories per day.

Each group of participants was of 50 people. Slimmers were given an idea daily calorie consumption limit by age and gender and asked them to design a calorie budget on their own. The 1st group which calculated and hence controlled their every meal ended up consuming 1,417 calories which were 219 calories lesser than participants with a daily calorie intake limited. Participants of the 2nd group thought that they are likely to over-consume only in evening snacks and dinner. But those who limited calorie intake in every meal reduced calorie intake in all the meals. Another researcher from University of Michigan who also worked on this study stated that this approach could be used for limiting smoking and drinking.

The lead of the study Dr. Miaolei Jia who is associate professor at Warwick Business School stated that dieters from the 1st group did not think of limiting or controlling consumption of calories in all the meals throughout the day. By this study it can be concluded that those who want to lose weight should measure their calorie intake for every meal.

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