Facebook error opens iPhone camera when user scrolls through their feed


On Tuesday that, the company confirmed that it allowed the system to incorrectly access Facebook’s iPhone camera as users scroll through their feeds. Twitter user Mr. Joshua Maddux released a screencast. This weekend that showed his iPhone camera will open when scrolling through social media feeds. Other users noticed the failure earlier in this month, which some called “somewhat worrying.” Facebook made this error in the latest version of the iOS app. A representative held the issue would be causing the Facebook app to “navigate to camera screen next to the News Feed when the user clicks on the photo.” The company said it will submit a fix to Apple on Tuesday.

According to reports, the company’s spokesman said that due to this loophole, the company do not see evidence of photos or video uploads. This mistake has shocked several users have long suspected that the company is eavesdropping on users via a telephone microphone to better target them. Strange coincidences exacerbate this suspicion. For example, after discussing the cat-raising people, the company uses cat food ads as target users, or displays advertisements for other specific products after discussing them aloud. Facebook repeatedly denied that it would listen to the user’s theory, and theoretically, the company has enough user data to accurately target its 1.7 bn users.

In recent years, Facebook has been the subject of various privacy disputes. From the Cambridge Analytical information breach to 2018 hacking of more than 50 mn accounts. More and more people are asking for antitrust measures, including presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Elizabeth Sanders. Executive Mr. Mark Zuckerberg also faced intense scrutiny in advertising policy and elections in Congress in the last month. Mr. Chris Morales, head of security analysis at Vectra, a Silicon Valley-based network security company, said that although legitimate security issues related to Facebook are worrying, there seems to be no need to worry about this particular vulnerability. The easiest thing is to let the user inactivate the use of camera in the iPhone apps settings.

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