Federal Judge Restrains Trump’s Plan to Bar Immigrants without Health Insurance


A federal judge has provisionally barred Trump government’s plan to bar immigrants who do not have health care insurance or the financial resources to bear the medical care cost in the United States. As per the Trump administration plan immigrant who seeks a visa, will have to prove their ability to pay the cost of health care or should have medical insurance. This plan has been proposed to limit the admission of legal immigrants into the United States. Judge Michael Simon has ruled out against the Trump government and issued a temporary order to prevent the government from carrying out the plan for 28 days.

The president said that the cost associated with the health care of immigrants will not be passed on to American people in the form of high taxes, higher premiums and high fees for medical services with the new restraining policy. As per the administration officials, legal immigrants are more likely to be uninsured as compared to Americans. Lawyers from the American Immigration Lawyers Association have condemned the policy. Justice Action Center and Innovation Law Lab argued the Immigration plan and called it illegal. The law officials have said that the police can cause repairable harm.

While seeking a restraining order on the policy, lawyers said that immigration policy would bar up to 375000 people including qualified professionals each year. The lawyers urged the court to declare Trump’s proclamation as unlawful and discriminatory. The federal judge agreed to maintain the status quo. The court will again analyze the merits of the new immigration rule along with the US Department of Justice and other lawyers. The judge provided a sign of relief to the petitioners. He said that new immigration policy conflicts with Health care law, Immigration, and Nationality Act. The new proclamation by the president on immigrants would have gone into effect on Sunday. The next hearing is scheduled for 22 November. Federal judges have also blocked the Public charge rule, which would have denied green cards to those who avail public benefits.

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