Founder Of Pink Taco Restaurant Chain Harry Morton Dies At 38


Harry Morton, who was the founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain, has died at the age of 38. The unnamed spokesperson of the company, while releasing this statement, said that Harry Morton has found to be dead. He further mentioned that Harry was a visionary entrepreneur who was quite ahead of his time, and his contributions towards the company are infinite. The spokesperson said that the company’s condolences are with harry’s family and his close friends. When asked about the details of the death of Harry Morton spokesperson denied revealing any of it. As of now, the details about the sudden death of Harry Morton are not clear to anyone. Reportedly Harry Morton was 38 years old who was the son of Hard Rock Cafe chain co-founder Peter Morton also a grandson of Arnie Morton, co-founder of Morton’s Steakhouse.

Harry Morton was interested in the restaurant chain business because of his family’s business. He even owned Viper Room Nightclub in West Hollywood, and a few months ago, he purchased the Beverly Hills real estate in Los Angeles for a whopping amount of more than 25 million dollars. Pink taco restaurant is quite famous in some major cities, and the credit is given to the visionary founder of this company Harry Morton. Pink Taco has its chain restaurants in Los Angeles, Boston, Los Vegas, Miami, and Chicago, which are quite famous in the local market. The sudden death of Pink Taco founder has taken everyone into a shock and a sympathetic situation. Recently Actress Lindsay Lohan, a close friend of Harry Morton, posted a photo on her Instagram account and wrote “Best friends. Best life”. Harry’s close friends and family members are saddened because of his sudden death; also, the company which he founded will surely miss him.

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