General Motors Will Invest Over $2 Billion to Renovate Detroit Factory


In the previous week, Cruise, a GM-subsidiary, has rolled out the Origin. Notably, the vehicle is the first self-driving car of the company, which has no pedals or a steering wheel. While unveiling, Dan Ammann, the company’s CEO, has assured that the company will disclose production details in the upcoming days. Well, for now, GM is announcing aims to pour $2.2 billion to upgrade and re-tool its Detroit-Hamtramck facility for manufacturing electric and autonomous vehicles. Thus the plant will produce the Origin as well as fully electric SUV and pickup trucks. Even more, the carmaker aims to launch around 20 electronic nameplates up to 2023. Maybe the first one will be an electric truck lined up to manufacturing in 2021. After that, Cruise Origin, an electric, shared, self-governing vehicle, will follow the production of the electric trucks.

Before this, the plant hosted the interrupted Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. For now, the facility manufactures the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac CT6. Remarkably, GM will halt the production of both vehicles in the upcoming month. The company noted that Detroit-Hamtramck would be General Motors’ first highly focused electric vehicle assembly plant. Apart from this, GM and LG are collectively building a new factory in Lordstown, Ohio. Reportedly, this facility will provide batteries to all the electric vehicles of the company. GM says it will put in $800 million on account of supplier tooling and associated start-up cost for BEV production.  According to the company, the fully upgraded factory will generate over 2,200 well-paying US manufacturing employment.

On the other hand, GM has not announced a particular date when it would start manufacturing the Origin. For sure, it will enter production after the pickup. The Origin, a fully-automatic vehicle, will run without any mechanisms for a human driver and will host six people. Meanwhile, the vehicle maker is seeking to influence the federal government for clearance to drive Origin-like vehicles on open roads. Besides this, GM intends to use the Origin in a Cruise-operated urban ride-hailing business.

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