Health Officials Announce 12th Patient with Eastern equine encephalitis in the USA


According to the State health officials, 12th Massachusettes Resident has contracted with the Easter Equine Encephalitis disease in the USA. This is the 12th officially reported a case of the EEE disease in the united states. Not just the contraction of EEE disease, but the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has reported the fourth official death of the patients due to this disease. Fortunately, due to the erroneous errors by the hospital, the fourth death was reported by mistake, and the official count of deaths is still at three.

The 12th case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis contraction is of the Hampden County resident woman, who is 70 years old. Due to the contraction of the disease in Hampden county, the residents of Agawam, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Southwick, Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield counties have alerted. The counties are kept on the high elevated risks with immediate medical support and care for any suspected patient with the contraction to EEE Disease. As of now, the three Eastern Equine Encephalitis related deaths are officially recorded in Massachusetts state this year. Earlier this week, the death of one patient from Hampden county raised the numbers of dead patients to three.

The officials have not confirmed the details about the recent death due to the security reasons. But first two deaths were from Freetown and Fairhaven counties. The Freetown man was in the 70s and Fairhaven women was in her 50s. According to the State health officials, this is the worst outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus since the 1950s. Also, the data suggests that 35 communities are at critical risk, 46 at high risk, and 122 communities are at a moderate risk of EEE contraction. The State Health officials are monitoring all of the marked communities.

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