Hormone therapy may lead to the heart rates abnormalities and possibilities of stroke


In the United States, across the countries various medical clinics are actively involved in the advertising activities for hormone treatment. Many people believe that hormonal treatment as a source of youth. Medical clinics marketing and selling hormonal treatment as an alternative therapy to make individuals feel and look younger. Though, the further research and investigation of CBS News found that the particular claim regarding hormonal treatment is not right and may be harmful to the patient life.

In 2018, Cindy Kinder-Binge, a woman of 60 years had admitted to a hospital-based in New Albany, Indiana, for the high blood pressure and excess heart rate related issues. She had registered with the four times heart rates, which are very high as compared to the normal one. Prior to this incidence, she had undergone an emergency situation with the palpitations. Cindy Kinder-Binge was treated by a nurse practitioner at 25 Again clinic. In this clinic, she had been prescribed hormone of thyroid for the menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats, mood changes, and weight gain and slowed metabolism despite having normal thyroid blood levels. CBS News found that there are many more clinics throughout the country which are prescribing testosterone and thyroid hormones to individuals with standard levels.

According to the Cardiologist, hormonal therapy was the major cause of abnormal heart rates in the case of Cindy Kinder-Binge. Doctor Leighann Decker, who is currently working as an ultrasound technician and previously employed with OB-GYN in Owensboro, Kentucky stated that she had also given prescription of testosterone to the many patients who had normal level testosterone. She also stated that many medical practitioners are involved in hormonal therapy as there is a huge profit in practice. Some research studies suggest that the adoption of hormonal therapy, such as thyroid and testosterone, may lead to an increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

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