New York Proceeds Ahead To Eliminate HIV AIDS By 2020


The fearsome pandemic HIV AIDS has devastated millions of families, communities, and relationships across the globe and sadly the city of dream New York is among the worst affected regions. New York leads the chart with more than 2000 new such cases diagnosed in 2018. But the authorities have now claimed to eliminate the deadly disease with a three-pronged plan which has already delivered productive results in the past since its inception. The pioneer of the plan and the governor of New York City Andrew Mark Cuomo proposed that this plan would work in the lines of pre-exposure prophylaxis which helps identify and track HIV infected people and reduce the risk of contraction of HIV through unprotected sex.

According to Cuomo, there has been a significant increase of 32 percent in the number of people who are embracing pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment and antiretroviral drugs to curb the levels of HIV ever since it was announced. Speedy initiation of antiretroviral treatment has also helped in identifying those who have been diagnosed with HIV on the same day as a positive test. The outcome of pre-exposure prophylaxis has been strikingly positive as compared to the terrifying times of 1981 when several youngsters lost their lives fighting the dreaded disease. Officials said they are quite optimistic about reducing the number of new HIV positive cases to approximately little over 1500 per year by 2020. Authorities have also upped their game to seek the estimated number of HIV infected people commonly termed as incidents to tally the number of deaths annually to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

The rate of HIV infection has witnessed stability between 2010 and 2016 among homo and bisexual men as they sum up more than two-thirds of new incidents annually reported Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. New York officials have expressed their joy saying it has been a remarkable achievement as AIDS being the third leading disease for premature mortality in 2000 has rolled down to the tenth position on the list.

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