Poor Countries to face Malnutrition and Obesity


According to a report from The Lancet, one-third of the world’s poorest countries are facing obesity and malnutrition, which makes people are too thin. The report said the problem was caused by a reduction in people’s physical activity and more of access to processed foods

The article has estimated that more than 140 million children have weak growth, and 2.3 billion adults and children over the globe are overweight Many middle and low-income countries are immediately confronted with this two problems-known as the double burden of malnutrition. This means that 305 of children who are under the age of four grow abnormally, whereas 20% of people are overweight, and 20% of women are classified as lean. The report states that communities and families can be affected by both forms of malnutrition and individuals at different stages of life. According to the report, in the 1990s, from 123 countries, 45 were affected by the burden. And in the 2010s, from 126 countries, 48 ​​of them were affected. The authors of the report said that governments of the UN and academia should take action to address this issue. This report will also point the finger at changing eating habits. People’s diet and movement are changing. Increasing numbers of supermarkets reduced access to nutritious foods, and reduced physical activity has led to more people becoming overweight. These changes are affecting low- and middle-income countries as well as high-income countries. Although stunted growth is becoming less common in many countries, eating super-processed foods early in life is associated with weak growth.

There high-quality diet is needed for adults and children. The high-quality diet contains lots of fruits, nuts and seeds, fiber, vegetables, and whole grains. This diet should have a minimum amount of processed meat, sugar, salt and beverages. A high-quality diet can lessen the risk of malnutrition by inspiring healthy growth and development, and also protecting the body from diseases throughout life.

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