President Trump Is Getting Backlashes For Dismissing North Korea’s Nuclear Threat


There is a Twitter war which goes in between worlds two controversial yet influential leaders, and that’s Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. On new year’s eve, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he would continue to develop his nuclear arsenal. He tested many atomic missiles and has issued a clear threat to the USA about such a thing. However, President Trump has decided to ignore Kim’s intention of Getting attention and threatening the USA with a nuclear attack.

Now for such a controversial decision, Trump is Getting Backlashes for it. Recently after dismissing Kim’s nuclear threat, trump got criticised by former President Bill Clinton. Bill said that Trump is not taking this matter seriously and letting Kim play like a Stradivarius violin. North Korean leader tweeted his intentions to develop nuclear missiles further this year. President Trump, on the other hand, has decided to take this matter funnily by stating about his friendship with Kim Jong Un. Trump said he is good friends with Kim, and they get along also will resolve this issue quickly.

President said Kim’s representing his country and he is representing his country and they are doing what their obligations required then to do. Trump mentioned that Kim is the man of his word, and he will get along with him. Now after dismissing and making fun of Kim’s intention of creating nuclear threat bill Clinton’s former exclusive advisor has also condemned this decision. He said Trump is letting use Kim gain attention and increased his credibility. Kim, according to critics, has thoughtfully developed nuclear weapons and just playing to not to show off the true potential and threat from North Korea. However, it seems like President Trump currently is not in the mood of handling these things seriously. Earlier trump met Kim and discussed the controversial tweets and relationship of the USA and North Korea.

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