Study Finds Cannabis Can Cure Severe Headaches, Migraines In Both Men And Women


Ever wondered smoking marijuana can cure severe headaches and migraines. A new study has revealed that Cannabis benefits when it comes to treating these problems. The study was conducted by the US-based Washington State University. Researchers noted that cannabis is made up of over 100 cannabinoids like terpenes. These constituents are helpful in the treatment of painful headaches and migraines. The latest study was published in the Journal of Pain. The research said that inhaled cannabis helped in the reduction of headaches by 47.3 percent and migraines by 49.6 percent. According to Washington State University, it was first of its kind study to understand the effect of marijuana on patients suffering from headaches and migraines.

Researchers studied data from the Strainprint app. The app allows patients to track symptoms before and after using cannabis. They analyzed data submitted in the app by more than 1,300 patients. These patients were selected on the basis of a specific pattern with regard to the use of the app. These patients had used the app over 12,200 times to measure the changes in headache both before and after using cannabis. Researchers also studied the data submitted by another group of people suffering from migraine. These 653 people used the app more than 7,400 times to record data. Researchers found cannabis addressed the problems up to a good extent.

Leader author of the study Carrie Cuttler said that they were motivated to do this study because a significant number of people claim they use cannabis to get rid of headaches and migraines. Researchers said that there was no evidence found in these patients suggesting cannabis made headache and migraine worse. The study said 90 percent of men reported headache reduction while 89.1 percent women reported relief from the pain. Cuttler said the limitations of the Strainprint app presses for further study to establish this. This is because data here are self-submitted and people may already anticipate that cannabis will work.

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