Study Finds Drinking-Related Liver Disease And Deaths On Rise In America


A new study has revealed that drinking-related liver disease in the US and subsequent deaths are on the rise. Researchers said most people who die are those with alcoholic liver disease. They analyzed data of the last twenty years from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They concluded deaths from alcohol-related liver disease have grown rapidly over the past two decades. The study was published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. Researchers said they studied the causes of deaths in people aged 25 and above. In 1999, deaths due to liver disease caused by drinking were less than now. In 1999, the statistics show nearly 10.6 percent of deaths were due to alcoholic liver disease per 100,000 men. In women, the mortality rate was 3.3 percent. The year 2017 reported maximum liver disease deaths due to the habit of high-risk drinking. The mortality rate was 13.1 percent per 100,000 in men. It was 5.6 percent in women.

Lead author Andrew Moon said that findings show high-risk drinking has increased in recent years. Also, life expectancy is actually falling in America. Moon directly blamed the increasing use of alcohol for the crisis. He said that alcohol and its combination with other liver diseases have put Americans at high risk for alcoholic liver disease. The highest deaths were particularly among middle-aged adults. It also mentioned Native Americans in 2017 reported twice the alcohol liver disease deaths than non-Hispanic whites. It added non-Hispanic black men were the only group in the country that did not experience increased rates of deaths.

Researchers said that the latest findings indicate a crisis in Native Americans. They called for studying the disease in Native Americans on a high priority and spread awareness. The findings said men who take over two drinks and women who take more than one drink daily accumulate fat in the liver very fast. The binge-drinking practice is liked to severe inflammation of the liver. It can even cause the failure of organs and death. The habit of persistent drinking can obstruct the organ from its normal functioning.

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