Study Finds Starch-Rich Food May Help Diabetes Patients To Reduce Insulin Dependency


A new study has revealed the taking a starch-rich food could help diabetic patients to check insulin dependency. The study figured in the journal of Diabetes Care. It said that a starch-rich diet in the morning followed by a light dinner can replace insulin injections. Besides, it is also helpful in curbing other drug dependencies. People with type 2 diabetes take insulin by injection. It is considered a serious condition that affects blood sugar levels. Injecting insulin helps regulate the movement of sugar in the liver, and muscle. If left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications. Some patients take insulin up to four times a day to regulate blood sugar levels.

The study said metabolism and biological clock in the body are optimized for eating in the morning. The body is adaptive to fast in the evening and night when humans are supposed to take rest or asleep. It noted the usual diet recommended for type 2 patients includes several small meals distributed throughout the day. This is done in order to prevent a sudden drop or rise in sugar levels, especially during the night when the body is in a relax mode. The study said eating starch-rich food in the early hours balances glucose and improves glycemic control. Researchers feel shifting to this regimen produces great results and significantly reduces the need for insulin and medications.

To come to this conclusion, researchers studied 29 type 2 diabetes patients. They compared an experimental 3M diet with a group on the traditional 6M diet. The 3M diet includes breakfast comprising bread, fruits, and sweets; a substantial lunch; and a small dinner. The dinner specifically lacks starches, sweets, and fruits. They observed while the group on the 6M diet did not lose weight, the 3M diet patients burned weight. The first group didn’t experience any improvement in sugar levels and was dependent on an increased dose of insulin and medication. But the 3M diet people experienced great improvement in sugar levels. Besides, it enhanced insulin secretion. Patients experienced improved sugar delivery into the live, and muscles.

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