Twitter Asks Users to Update App after a Major Bug Fix


Twitter has solved a security issue that could have enabled intruders to see personal information of users. If not addressed, the glitch could have enabled hackers to send direct messages or tweets. As per Twitter’s official blog post, making the use of the bug included a complex process of appending a malicious code into the app’s restricted storage areas. The flaw could have permitted hackers to gain access to user location as well as their encrypted tweets. It has had probably placed millions of Twitter users at risk.

Twitter says, currently, it does not have any proof that indicates anyone has taken advantage of the vulnerability. Still, the company is not entirely sure. Thus, they are taking additional measures to secure the Android app of Twitter. The company has updated two Android versions, namely, 7.93.4 and 8.18. Apart from this, Twitter is making contact with people it surmises may have had faced bug exposure. Even more, it is instructing users on how to take care of the account. Just to ensure protection, users should update to the latest version from the Play Store as early as possible.

Reportedly, over 500 million people have downloaded the official app of Twitter for Android phones. Notably, the glitch has impacted Twitter’s Android app.  After updating the app, users can also think of changing the password even if this bug’s instance does not have any relation to it. It’s a good idea, after all. Whereas, it is not the first-ever security flaw of Twitter. In the last month, Twitter and Facebook announced a breach of user’s personal data. At the time, some malicious third-party apps have had allegedly accessed information. Both social networking companies said the violation is a result of insufficient isolation between several SDKs present in a single Android app. In the end, the flaw has not affected iOS versions of Twitter.

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