Uber safety study finds a large number of sexual assault cases in US rides


Uber Technologies, Inc. is commonly known as ‘Uber,’ the popular ride-sharing company is recently working to ensure the safety of the passengers. Everyone is aware of the severity of the problem in the United States. The company studied incidents of unsafe carpool services.

The report conducted by Uber covers the US rides hired between the years 2017 to 2018. In the previous year, Uber received 3,045 reports of sexual assaults during travel.9 people were killed, and 58 People were killed in a collision. The numbers for 2017 tell almost the same story. Uber says a broad definition of sexual assault is purposely used. ranging from kissing without consent to attempted rape, and most of unwanted ‘sexual site’ contact. Previous investigations about the crime have fully revealed the reports of sexual assault. Several other violent acts were also involved in the service. Uber’s research gives the official number on the subject. No police department or government agency is currently tracking and criminal. During the entire research, the company worked hard to ensure people that these incidents accounted for only 2.3 billion Uber rides in the US. Nearly 4 million people used Uber service every day, which accounted for 99.9% of those who did not report a security incident. Mr. Tony West, chief legal officer of Uber company, said in an interview that the findings were shocking and difficult to digest. Uber’s CEO, Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi, also expressed his views on Twitter for the victims of these incidents. Uber’s executive summary pointed out that people who book a ride are not the only ones at risk. The driver is also the victim. The summary further added that, although 92% of the reported rape victims were passengers, both drivers and riders reported cases of sexual assault.

With this report, Uber appears to be fulfilling its last year’s commitment to ensure the security measures seriously. Since then, Uber has implemented various new security features. Features such as an in-app emergency button that silently shares your location and travel details with 911. It can be used to share the ride information with trusted third parties. An ID check feature is also included that allows drivers to identify themselves as their account. Along with this report, the company also noted it’s creating a black-list of banned drivers in addition to several other safety measures.

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